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Behind the Mic


This week, we take a look Behind the Mic at Marji Morgan. Host of Lines on Wine, Marji is ECR’s founding host of one of our most popular shows.

A search for the perfect Syrah started Marji on a journey to explore the wine industry in Washington. She explores this world through the stories of Washington’s wine makers.

Marji came to Washington in 2005 to be Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Central Washington University (CWU). An avid wine enthusiast, Marji recently stepped down as Dean to have time for teaching at CWU and exploring the history of the Washington wine industry.

Lines on Wine airs weekly at 5 pm on Wednesdays and is available via pod casts anytime. Listen to Marji’s interviews with wine makers and hear the history stories behind our wonderful Washington wines. These half-hour interviews offer a wealth of information on unique and award winning Washington wines, the wine making process, and how the guts, dedication and amazing creativity of our Washington winemakers and grape growers turned high desert lands full of sagebrush and rattlesnakes into world-class vineyards.

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What Is ECR?

Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR) is a local nonprofit radio station operated by a group of local citizens who want the community to come together and have fun. We want to share stories, music, news, and upcoming events and to celebrate the diversity and interesting characters who make up our town. We are all different, and that’s a very good thing.

ECR began its live internet radio stream in late October 2014 and can be heard via any web browser or through our mobile apps. Our goal is to showcase our community’s diverse identity and provide a unique service of education, information, and entertainment.

If you’d like to help us achieve these goals, we invite you to get involved in a number of different ways. We’re currently looking for new members on our board of directors, and we are always seeking volunteers to work on a number of different committees. And if you’ve always dreamed of hosting a radio program, just let us know about your ideas, and we’ll get you started with your own show!

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