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Rodeodoc: Canaries to Clydesdales

11:00 AM Pacific Time

15098996205 This is a call-in forum for questions and discussion about animal issues with humor, compassion and a little edge. Dr Fuller has thirty-five years of experience in veterinary medicine in a wide range of species.

Gin & Tonic

5:15 PM Pacific Time

Gin & Tonic will feature great music along a different theme each week.....from the Grateful Dead and those who covered Dead Tunes to the Wild Women of Rock with Janis, Amy and Grace to Ladies Who Sing the Blues with Billie, Ella and Etta. Each week Gin will offer up different musical Tonic for ECR listeners.


Waiting for Toast

9:00 AM Pacific Time

Waiting for Toast is a three-hour morning show full of music. Rock, jazz, bluegrass, opera, nothing is off-limits. And everything could happen.

Town Talk

12:00 PM Pacific Time

Hear Ellensburg officials explain plans, proposals, and issues.

It’s a Science

3:00 PM Pacific Time

Four high school students play a fun variety for the hour. Cyril, Lucia, Macenna, and Meredith have broad tastes in music but they manage to combine them all together to make a flowing playlist.

Americana Live

7:00 PM Pacific Time

A program of Americana music, past and present. Showcasing musicians among us who enjoy sharing their music with the rest of the community. Weekly guests, live from the studio of ECR, Share original and traditional music and conversation.


Meet Your Neighbors

12:00 PM Pacific Time

Your neighbor may have an intriguing personal history, a story to tell, or a burning issue. Judy Sanders interviews a new guest each week.

Lines on Wines

5:00 PM Pacific Time

Marji Morgan talks with winemakers about the history and stories behind our wonderful Washington wines.

Duo-ly Noted

6:00 PM Pacific Time

(resuming in September) Join Sara Carroll, CWU Music Department Advising & Recruiting Specialist, for weekly airings of student performances, along with an interview of the student performer. During the show, Sara will have discussions with the students about the composers and works they performed, as well as personal connections to the music. Co-host, and music student, Katie Kibota will also share a listing of the week's upcoming performances.

The Old-Time Zone

7:00 PM Pacific Time

2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month. American old-time music. Fiddle tunes and songs from musicians past and present, Appalachia and beyond, traditional and not so.

Marc’s Blues Revue

7:00 PM Pacific Time

1st and 3rd Wednesdays. A Blues Revue with live and recorded music, drawing from over 100 years of blues history. We'll explore many styles of blues--country blues finger-picking, electrified Chicago blues, the links between the blues and jazz and other styles.


Ellensburg Bulldog Sports

8:00 AM Pacific Time

The Ellensburg Bulldog Sports Hour will take you inside the EHS athletic department to hear about schedules and up-to-date information about each of our programs. Additionally, you can get to know our coaches and athletes and receive updates directly from the programs themselves.

Read Along with Grammy

11:45 AM Pacific Time

This is program geared toward offering grandmothers and grandfathers the opportunity to read children's books to their grandchildren wherever they may live! Grandparents choose a book they wish to read over the air. Grandchildren are encouraged to follow along at home.

Gathering Her Notes

1:00 PM Pacific Time

Kath showcases classical works from the late 20th and the 21st century composed or performed by women…..with the occasional digression.

All Mixed Up

7:00 PM Pacific Time

What happens when Beethoven meets the Beatles? Wanna find out? Join your host Nathan Griffith for three hours of free-form radio like you've never heard before. If it's music, it's fair game.


Dr. John’s Radio Show

12:00 PM Pacific Time

Join Dr. Merrill-Steskal and his guests for discussion of diverse health topics and a round-up of current medical news. The monthly program explores health topics useful for the listener and is always grounded in science.

Blue Planet

2:00 PM Pacific Time

Eclectic mix of music from every corner of the world.

In the Groove

3:00 PM Pacific Time

Music of all kinds from the 50's onward: pop, jazz, folk, country,blues, R & B and rock 'n roll.

Airs Periodically

Small Town, Big World

12:00 AM Pacific Time

Archive “Small Town, Big World” explores Ellensburg’s international connections.

Jampa Dorje’s Poetry Program

12:00 AM Pacific Time

Jampa Dorje and his writing guests read and discuss various aspects of the poetic impulse.

Funny Haha

12:00 AM Pacific Time

Archives only Get your laugh on with stand-up comedy from across the decades.

Nick On the Rocks

12:00 AM Pacific Time

CWU Geology Professor Nick Zentner shares field evidence that supports amazing geologic stories from the rich past in the Pacific Northwest. Thursday 10:00 am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm, Friday 8:00am, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am. Nick Zentner's blog with videos

The Root Shed

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Roots and folk music from everywhere. Most shows will have a theme (Irish, African, blues, etc.), some will have a mix.