“The music that Birdie Fenn Cent writes and sings is as pure and as honest as it gets. She lives it and writes about it and writes about it and lives it. She is a songwriter’s songwriter whose blood runs the color of music. Her songs shake things up, turn things inside out and dance with the skeletons in society’s closet. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to let the birds out of your heart and pull the rug from under your demons. Birdie does this—line after line, song after song.”  –Jason Crabtree

“Ellensburg singer-songwriter Birdie Fenn Cent is among my favorite in the current crop of Northwest folkies. Her singing is subtle, contained, and grounded without ostentatious flourishes, but it is nevertheless emotionally evocative and vibrant. And her songs are full of killer turns of phrase. She can slay you with a whisper, but that’s not to say her songs lack intensity. Her debut album, “Gold From Rust”, is not yet a year old, and I already want more.” Pat Muir, Yakima Herald.  

How to Listen on Mobile Device and Alexa

Go to iphone App Store or Android Play Store and search Live365

Ask Alexa to perform this task once “Alexa, ENABLE Live365 Skill.”
To listen say “Alexa, PLAY Live365”
You will then be prompted to pick a station say “PLAY Ellensburg Community Radio”

Who Are We?

Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR) is a local nonprofit radio station operated by a group of local citizens who want the community to come together and have fun. We want to share stories, music, news, and upcoming events and to celebrate the diversity and interesting characters who make up our town. We are all different, and that’s a very good thing.

ECR began its live internet radio stream in late October 2014 Our goal is to showcase our community’s diverse identity and provide a unique service of education, information, and entertainment.

If you’d like to help us achieve these goals, we invite you to get involved in a number of different ways. We’re currently looking for new members on our board of directors, and we are always seeking volunteers to work on a number of different committees. And if you’ve always dreamed of hosting a radio program, just let us know about your ideas, and we’ll get you started with your own show!

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