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Something new is playing on ECR…

A walking musical tour of the art in and around town.


Ellensburg Community Radio is proud to introduce to the community, Audio Art. Listen to a walking art tour hosted by local artists and musicians, Billy Mac and Sam Albright as they take you on a musically guided tour of the art around town. You will learn some of the history and background of the art installations in this funny, sometimes windy, and always entertaining unique way to experience Ellensburg Art. On your tour, as your guides are trekking to the next creative discovery, enjoy the sweet sounds of homegrown music created by local artists, such as, Star Anna, Notable Exceptions, Ellensburg Big Band, Birdie Fenn Cent, and many more. We are very excited about this first of many to come, incredible way to bring together the art and music of Ellensburg.

Featured Art & Music in this edition of ECR’s Audio Art

The Art

The Music

1. Friendship Park: 115 E. 5th Ave | Learn about Washoe, a chimpanzee who taught sign language at CWU.

2. The 420 Building: 420 N. Pearl St. | An iconic historic Art Deco set in the midst of our downtown. Architecture and Art beautifully combined.

3. The Clymer Museum of Art: 416 N. Pearl St. | The Ramsay Building showcasing early Western American Art and local Rodeo Hall of Fame.

4. Gallery One: 408 N. Pearl St. | Gallery One Visual Arts Center is dedicated to the creation, exhibition and appreciation of visual arts in Central Washington.

5. The Bull: The Park on N. Pearl St. | This Ellensburg icon was created by Richard Beyer, the prominent Seattle sculptor who created, “Waiting for the Interurban” by the Freemont St. Bridge. He was a character and the bull was thought to be a little too anatomically accurate, hence the addition of the cowboy hat.

6. Kittitas County Historical Museum: 114 E. 3rd Ave. | Housed in the historic 1189 Cadwell Building, the museum features many exhibits for the public to enjoy.

7. Ellensburg Public Library: 209 N. Ruby St. | Meet “Kit Coyote” leaning against the outside wall of the library. Sculpted by Richard Beyer, who created “The Bull”. Look for the stained glass piece as well. Visit the Hal Holmes Community Center where some of Washington Rural Heritage is documented with old photographs and historical documents.

  • Star Anna: “Crooked Path”
  • The Killdeer String Band: “Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh”
  • Billy Mac: “Feelin’ So Good”
  • Notable Exceptions: “More West Than Texas”
  • Birdie Fenn Cent: “Fast and Natural”
  • Ellensburg Big Band: “When You’re Smiling”
  • Chuck Boom: “Eye of the Storm”
  • Better Day: “Jump The Puddle”
  • Zephyr String Ensemble: “Rhumba” by Michael McLean
  • Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands: “Be Here to Love Me”

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Who Are We?

Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR) is a local nonprofit radio station operated by a group of local citizens who want the community to come together and have fun. We want to share stories, music, news, and upcoming events and to celebrate the diversity and interesting characters who make up our town. We are all different, and that’s a very good thing.

ECR began its live internet radio stream in late October 2014 Our goal is to showcase our community’s diverse identity and provide a unique service of education, information, and entertainment.

If you’d like to help us achieve these goals, we invite you to get involved in a number of different ways. We’re currently looking for new members on our board of directors, and we are always seeking volunteers to work on a number of different committees. And if you’ve always dreamed of hosting a radio program, just let us know about your ideas, and we’ll get you started with your own show!

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