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Congratulations! To get started give us your ideas and we’ll help you flesh it out.

  • On what day of the week is your program scheduled to air?
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  • Program Descriptions

    In this section, you will be asked to provide three different descriptions of your program for different uses on the website.
  • Please describe your program in 10 words or less. This short version will be used in sidebar descriptions.
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  • Please provide a full description for your program's stand-alone page, with a range of 60 - 75 words.
  • Program Image

    Please send a copy of your program's signature image to Your image MUST be at least 600 pixels x 450 pixels, with large images subject to cropping or reduction. The image can be either a picture of you as host or another image that evokes the nature of your program.

    If you do not know how determine your photo's size or how to crop it, please send your image to the webmaster address for assistance.

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